Monday, September 16, 2013

All of the food comes from the garden, or a neighbor's garden, or a neighbor's cow, or straight from the tree. We even took a trip to the village mill to turn grain into flour for making bread.

                                          Fresh walnuts:

                                          And tomatoes:

                                          Homemade crepes:

                                          Carrot from the backyard garden:

                                          Land like cracked plaster (you can knock on it):

                                          In the backyard garden:


                                          A bucket of beans:

                                          Romanian peanuts:

                                          Romanian nutcracker:

                                          Flour, salt, yeast:

                                          Almost time for the oven:

                                          Traditional Romanian doughnuts:

                                          With homemade strawberry jam:

                                          Sarmale, traditional romanian food:

                                          Vegetables fermenting in the sun:

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